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The Vision

Rumble Realms is more than just a collection of NFTs. It's an idea founded on a simple principle; NFTs should be not only fun to collect, but fun to use. Right now a majority of the games that use NFTs are, frankly, garbage. They base their whole concept around the novelty of NFTs and forget the one thing that should be at the core of this new gaming revolution... games need to be fun to play. With rumble realms, that's all about to change. Our vision is to create an NFT-based multiplayer game that will be free/cheap to play and will let you battle with all your favorite NFT characters. Initially we will be using our own collection as a basis for the game, but we plan on incorporating hundreds of other NFT projects to create an ecosystem of characters, abilities, and powerups unlike anything in the Crypto-gaming ecosystem

This is not a Rugpull... this is the future.

the team


Creative lead

Slimewhale is a Concept artist with over 10 years working the Film and Gaming Industries. He has more recently been a lead designer at Squanch Games, working with Justin Rolland on some of their upcoming titles. He is a crypto bull and a surf god.


Alex Van Dyne

technical lead

Over 12 years working in the VFX/Advertising industry as an Techincal Director working for numerous clients such as Disney, Netflix, Hulu, Paramount, Sony, ABC, Google, Acura. He has extensive experience working at some of the top studios in Los Angeles such as The Mill, Roger, Brand New School, and Royale to name a few. He is the team technical lead, merging his knowledge of CG imagery creation and his coding background.

Shirin Davis

Lead Developer

As the Lead Dev, Shirin is using her knowledge as a crypto developer for Crown Sterling ($CSOV) to help guide the development of all things Crypto.

Jeremy Kaye

Project Manager

Jeremy Kaye helps organize the chaos and get the team to meet its goals. He has extensive experience as a product manager working for Youtube, and for a VC firm.

The world

5 Realms

Rumble Realms belong to 5 different realms. Humans, Apes, Zombies, Spirits Animals and Nethers. Each realm has their own powers, advantages, and disadvantages. Special objects are also associated with each realm, giving characters unique powers and abilities. As we add new NFT projects they will be incorporated into these realms in order to keep the gameplay balanced and fun.

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The goal

A crypto game

The Rumble Relams game is a multiplayer battle game inspired by titles like Super Smash Bros and Castle Crashers. Core components of the game (Characters, Power-Ups, Weapons, and Points) will be accessed by pulling thier data from multiple Blockchains (Solana and Ethereum, with more to come), and players can compete either by having ownership over their unique character, its abilities, weapons and upgrades, or by starting with a basic character and building it from the ground up. If you develop a character that you love, you will be able to mint it to the blockchain as an NFT, and gain ownership over it, even if you haven't bought any crypto. Furthermore, by competing against other players in the game, users will have a chance to wager their NFTs and win the loot of their defeated opponents.

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Gaming partnerships to be announced soon! 

the roadmap

4 stage launch

Rumble Realms release will consist of 4 stages. The Mint, the SSR Token, Alpha Launch and Beta Launch. Each phase will bring you closer to having a chance to experience the integration between a purchased NFT, and the Rumble Realms metaverse.


Characters, Objects and Power-Ups are minted by users to the Solana Blockchain.

RRLM Token

An SPL Token is created on the Solana Blockchain and a Liquidity Pool is created to provide easy swapping with the RRLM Token.


The Multiplayer Rumble Realms Game is deployed, allowing players to battle each other.


The Game Maker Alpha is Launched, along with the Rumbleverse. Players will be able to explore and build within Rumbleverse.
Rumble News


Dec 6, 2021

Minting Rumblers is now possible by clicking mint.

How to mint your first Rumbler
Nov 18, 2021

a complete guide on minting a Rumbler

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